DIY Cloth Napkins

I absolutely love sewing, and I have a weakness for fabric when its on sale. Hobby Lobby was having a 30% off sale one day and I couldn’t resist this 100% cotton fabric with sunflowers I had found. So I did what any strong willed woman would do, I bought half a yard of it for $2.45. I decided to make some pot holders and dinner napkins with it. The dinner napkins were SUPER easy to make. I was able to make 5 within an hour.

I am in love with this fabric. I need to go buy more.

1. I cut my fabric into squares. I didn’t measure, but most people do 18 inch squares.

2. I folded over the edges and ironed them down to help keep them in place.

3. I folded the edges a second time and ironed them again. Then I pinned the edges in place (not pictured) so I could sew all of the edges down.

4. I stepped back and admired my handiwork.

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