What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is unique to each person who chooses to embark on this journey. To me, minimalism is knowing what is most important in life and then removing everything that distracts me from it or does not support it. Minimalism is about having less to be able to focus more on what you deem important. I choose to focus on what I want long term and then only have items/choices/purchases that will help me achieve that goal.

Why I chose Minimalism?

Minimalism started to appeal to me when I felt like my house had too much clutter. I felt overwhelmed from constantly having to reorganize the items I had to make them seem tidy. After reading a few blog post I realized maybe I didn’t need to organize things better, but actually get rid of some things. I soon started to evaluate the need of everything I had. Minimalism gives me freedom with my time and budget. The less time I spend organizing all of these things that I don’t need, the more time I have with my family. The less money I spend on things that I don’t need, the more money I have to spend on my family. What I mostly want to achieve from minimalism is freedom. Freedom from debt, freedom from having to work my life away, and freedom to spend my time how I want to.

What Minimalism is not.

  1. Minimalism is not getting rid of all your belongings.
    It is simply getting rid of what no longer helps you towards what is important to you. You have something in the closet that hasn’t been touched in a year? It might be time to get rid of it.

2. Minimalism isn’t about depriving yourself.
Some believe that minimalism is to just go without, but it’s not. If something makes you happy, by all means indulge. You are still allowed to have collections and things you love. There is a difference between having a collection and hoarding.

3. Minimalism isn’t supposed to be hard.
The initial shift from a consumer mentality might be a challenge, but the freedom you create in your time and budget is very worth it.

4. Minimalism isn’t a numbers game.
It’s not about owning less than 200 things, having a capsule wardrobe, or only having 5 sentimental belongings. It’s about your frame of mind and the ability to realize that we do not need as much as we think.

5. Minimalism isn’t bare walls.
When you see these pictures of minimalist homes they always have white walls and very few belongings. I enjoy having colored walls and things that I love decorating my walls. I have a wall of floating bookshelves and it is absolutely one of my favorites. My home is painted green and yellow because those are the colors that make me happy. Minimalism is about focusing on what makes you happy.