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Plastic after zero waste.

When I first discovered zero waste I thought I needed to start immediately and purge my home of all plastic items. I’m slowly finding out that others along their zero waste journey thought the same thing.  This is not what zero waste is about. If we throw things away that still have use then ultimately we are being more wasteful.

I’m still using a plastic toothbrush and that’s okay. I will keep using it until I need to replace it, and then I will  purchase a bamboo toothbrush. When i purchase the new toothbrush I can repurpose my old one for cleaning. I have 3-4 extra bottles of body wash and shampoo stocked up. I will not buy any more until I am completely out then I will buy bar soap, shampoo bars, and conditioner bars. I still have disposable razors, I will try to make those last as long as I can. When I need to purchase a new one I will buy a safety razor instead. In my kitchen I have plastic containers that I received as a gift. I use them for meal prepping and I plan on making it last as long as I possibly can.

One of the aspects about zero waste I love is reusing and repurposing items. If I am ready to buy glass containers for my kitchen then instead of throwing away the plastic containers I can use them as storage for my crafting supplies. It’s important to think outside of the box with zero waste and to do what works for you. Try to use everything up until you absolutely need to replace it, once it’s time to replace trying finding an eco-friendly version.

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