Zero Waste

Taking Zero Waste to the Next Level

Zero waste isn’t just about less physical waste, it’s about less waste in all aspects of your life. In our society people waste a lot of everything such as time, money, energy, skills, etc and a lot of this waste can be avoided simply by changing your frame of mind.

Have an hour commute? Listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

Bright sunny day? Open those blinds, leave the lights off, and use some natural lighting.

Perfect weather? Open the windows and turn your AC/heat off for the day, maybe even leave it off at night as well.

Bored? Learn a new skill, craft, or hobby. Youtube is an extremely resourceful website.

20 minutes to kill? Use the app Duolingo to learn a new language during down time.

Before buying something ask yourself questions like: Do I really need this? Does this make me happy? How will I use this? How often will I use this? Could I buy this used? Could I borrow one of these from someone?  

Start thinking about all of the ways you might be able to waste less physically and mentally in your life. Try being proactive in avoiding waste in every aspect of your life. What are some other ways you can think of to waste less?

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