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Unpaper Towel

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When my husband and I got our apartment in 2016 we decided that paper towels were expensive and a waste. We went to Walmart and spent about $20 on some multi pack washcloths. We bought 4 packs at $3.92 each and each pack had 18. This got us around 72 washcloths. We also bought a small basket to sit on the counter for easy access. The thrift store may have really cute wicker baskets. Now we had our “unpaper towels” on hand for whenever there was a mess. It is now 2019 and most of the original 72 washcloths are still going strong, though I have added more rags to the collection. For our wedding I requested these cloth napkins as a gift, and then I recently made my own cloth napkins for fun. With all of these we have cut out the need for paper towels and napkins.

My washcloth storage in the laundry room. Along with microfiber rags and old socks for dusting.

DIY cloth napkins

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