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Zero Waste Coffee and Tea

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If your home is anything like ours, coffee is essential. My husband HAS to have his coffee in the morning, but I’m more of a casual drinker.  I’m not quite sure when we swapped to reusable filters, but one day we just realized how wasteful the K-cups were. With a quick search on Amazon we found a reusable k-cup with good reviews and purchased it. After this we swapped to whole bean coffee that we would grind ourselves for more flavor. A perk to this is that coffee beans are super easy to get in bulk. When we have guest over we like to use our french press because the keurig is a little slow with making multiple cups of coffee. Some mornings we enjoy making a pot of tea. Tea can be made zero waste the same as coffee.

This is our French press, coffee grinder, coffee beans, and fresh ground coffee.
Our tea pot, loose leaf black tea, tea infusers, and my favorite tea cup.

So here are the main ways to be zero waste with coffee:

  1. If you have a keurig, purchase a reusable k-cup.
  2. If the idea of scooping your coffee grounds out of the reusable k-cup seems annoying there are paper filters for the reusable k-cup. P.s. the filters and coffee grounds are compostable.
  3. Use a french press.
  4. If you have a normal coffee pot, purchase a reusable filter.
  5. Use a pour over. There are reusable filters for these as well.
  6. Use an espresso machine. This can be a super expensive option, but it is zero waste.
  7. Travel coffee cups. I personally love tervis cups. They work great and I simply adore the awesome designs.
  8. Buy coffee and tea leaves in bulk. Amazon has different choices, but you can typically find some at your local grocery store or health store.
  9. A coffee grinder is needed if you buy beans in bulk.
  10. Compost the coffee grounds, tea leaves, and paper filters.
  11. For tea, instead of tea bags use an infuser with loose tea leaves.


  • Noelle

    I love the manly tea infuser!! 🤗Have you found a way to keep coffee granules from getting into your cup when just using a reusable filter? I can’t stand the coffee sludge at the bottom of my cup when I use the reusable filter without a paper filter! (Now I’ll be composting it anyway though!)

    • Ecomomblog

      We have not figured out a way to avoid the coffee sludge. It doesn’t bother us too much, but composting the paper filter is great! You do what works for you.

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